The Holman Household

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

6 Months!

I can't believe that 6 months ago I was in the hospital with my Sweet baby Lilly. She turned 6 months old yesterday! It is amazing the change in just that little time. She now sits up great and can usually sit back when she starts to fall. Her routine is to sit and play until she can't reach her toy, then she gets on her stomach, tries to scoot (not too successfully), then rolls to her back when she is tired of being on her tummy. At her 6 month appointment (she was actually 5.5 months). She weighed 15lbs, 14 ozs. and was 25.5in. long. She slept all night while we were at the beach, but now we are home she gets up again once a night and demands a snack even though the Dr. said she shouldn't be eating at night anymore. She tried Gerber's green beans Sunday night and seemed to like them pretty well. She ate all that I gave her and her rice cereal. She is becoming a better eater, but she still doesn't open her mouth wide for food she just lets you put the spoon in her mouth and she doesn't spit her food out every bite now. Maybe next week we will try some fruits.

Lilly had an exciting day this past Satruday. She went to the "Princess Party" at Bumble Boutique. She didn't participate, but she enjoyed looking at all of the little girls in their princess outfits. Then, later that afternoon was her first birthday party. We took her to her only cousin's 6th Birthday. He had a fun waterslide, cupcakes, and ice cream for all of his friends. Lilly had to stay inside most of the time though because it was so hot. Then Saturday night we watched the Gamecocks beat Clemson again at Baseball! We will be watching them again tonight and if they win we will win the College World Series! How exciting!
Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Beach Week!

Lilly and I left for the beach Monday to spend the week with my Mom and 2 of her longtime girlfriends and their boys. Lilly slept really well Monday night, but yesterday she didn't want to take her naps and as soon as I got her to sleep she wouldn't let me put her down. I think part of her problem is that she is teething and the other being too much excitement to sleep. We played in the pool for a little while and now she is sleeping in my arms under an umbrella.

Brendan's first Father's day was this past Sunday. We kept the nursery at church and then went to my parents for lunch. We rushed home so Brendan could watch the Gamecocks play, but the game was delayed. we just mainly hung out at the house. Lilly got Brendan a new pair of Costa Del Mar sunglasses and croakies and a personalized mug with a picture of him and Lilly for him to take to work for Father's Day. I will hopefully remember to take some pictures this week to post later.

Monday, June 14, 2010

What's been cooking?

I really hadn't had much time to cook until now, but I have been cooking dinner most every night. I have tried several new things that I'd never done before. Some are embarrassing since they seem so basic. I have baked a whole chicken, pan-fried pork chops and made gravy, made meatloaf, and Mississippi mud pie. Everything so far has turned out well. At least I think so and my husband is probably too sweet to tell me otherwise. I'm glad that I am at home more now and I can practice cooking. I enjoy it, but some recipes are intimidating to me since I haven't tried them before. Tonight I am cooking mahi mahi (that we caught) to make fish tacos.

Speaking of intimidating. Keeping the house clean. Since I am home I feel that it is my job to keep the house clean ALL the time. It is a bit frustrating because it is a never ending job. When I think I am done I think of 10 other things I need to do also. I am working on letting some things slide. I am also getting the hang of our schedule and how to make the best of my time during Lilly's naps.

Lilly now rolls over all the time. Before I really had to work with her to get her to do it by teasing her with a toy. Now if she doesn't want to be on her tummy anymore she just rolls herself over. When she is sitting and she can't quite reach something she will prop herself up on one arm, and end up propped up on her tummy so she can reach. She shows no signs of crawling yet, but she sure does kick her feet when she wants to get somewhere. So far she didn't like her peas, liked sweet potatoes okay, didn't like the squash very much that I made her last week, but she seems to like the carrots the best that we tried Saturday night. I just steamed them, added some of her milk to them and blended them really well. She actually opens her mouth sometimes for carrots. Lilly also has her 6 month check up tomorrow (even though it is about 2 weeks early). Of course I am dreading the shots as usual, but at least she won't have to get them again until December (I hope!). I will update after her appointment tomorrow morning.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

No Peas Please!

Lilly started out eating pretty well after a week of rice cereal and then when we started peas she did okay, but after a few days she decided that she really didn't like them! She makes the funniest face when she takes a bite of them. She has also started to not eat her rice cereal or oatmeal very well either. She lifts her head back as far as it will go so it's hard to reach her mouth. I made her sweet potatoes this past Wednesday hoping that she would like them better. She will eat them okay, but not great. She likes them better than anything else though. I do try to get her to eat her rice cereal because I've read that she needs it for iron since she doesn't drink fomula. She also drinks out of her sippy cup now by herself... sort of... I put a little water with some ice it in since she is teething and the cold water seems to help, but I think she drools out as much of the water as she drinks. I can't believe how big she is getting! We think she is now 15lbs! Here are some pictures from the week.
Spitting out sweet potatoes

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend! My Mom and I went down to Beaufort Thursday night and took Lilly. Friday we took her to the pool and relaxed for the day. Friday night I rode with my Dad to Charleston and Brendan met us there for our fishing trip Saturday. We had a nice dinner with My Dad's friend and his daughter, then went back to my Dad's boat to go to bed for the night because we would have an early morning Saturday. We got our wake up call a little after 3am and headed out on my Dad's friends boat about 4am (they take turns taking their boats out). We had a great fishing day. We caught 16 dolphin (mahi mahi) and kept 12! I caught 5 myself. We caught double the fish than any other boats at the dock, but we didn't catch the largest of the day. Oh well. I can't wait to go again. My Mom was sweet enough to watch Lilly for the day so I could go. Brendan and I drove back to Beaufort Saturday night and enjoyed the weekend with our sweet baby girl.

Here are some pictures from the fishing trip and the weekend: