The Holman Household

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Post overload!

With Christmas, Lilly's Birthday, and the New year right around the corner I am trying to catch up on my blogging now. We are ready for Christmas! All presents have been bought and wrapped. The only thing left to do is help Santa put together a large give Christmas Eve. We have been to the lights on the river at Saluda Shoals. Lilly really enjoyed this drive through light show and kept asking, "Daddy, How does it work?" We took her to the lights at the zoo which she enjoyed as well. I took her to the mall to see Santa. She sat on his lap for all of 30 seconds before deciding she didn't really like him and started crying. All out crying! Thank you to my wonderful friend Sarah for snapping a picture for me before the crying started! Now anytime she sees Santa in person she starts getting upset and says, "I don't like him!!". She does like to see him in books and on TV. She sat through the entire Polar Express movie and still talks about riding the train to see Santa Claus. I am really excited to see her reaction Christmas morning.

One another note... She regressed ALOT with potty training. If figured out the reason why though. My Mom keeps her 2 half days a week and has been keeping my Sister's baby sometimes, too. She sees that the baby gets lots of attention and gets her diaper changed alot... She wants to be a baby, too and have her diaper changed. She completely understands the concept and will even tell me that "pee pee" or "poo poo" is supposed to go in the potty. I gave her (and me) a break and started working with her again yesterday In the morning she was about 50/50, but from nap time on was perfect. Today, she has had 4 or 5 accidents. I will work on it some more tomorrow and hope she gets better. Wouldn't that be a nice Christmas present?!?

One more thing that has been going on in our lives...

Lilly was to become a big sister July 2012, but it turned out that it was not meant to be. We were excited to find out we were pregnant November 1st and had our first appointment scheduled, then Nov. 9th there was some light spotting, but the nurse wasn't, too concerned and just had me come in for blood work Thursday. I prayed that everything would turn out okay, but if it were not meant to be that it wouldn't be a drawn out process and I would have peace about it. Well, the morning of November 11th I was sure it was not meant to be, but kept my appointment for Sat. to do another round of blood work. I took it easy over the weekend and then finally Monday afternoon I got the call that my hcg levels were low and going down. Of course I was upset, but I had been praying about it and was able to get through it without any physical and minimal emotional pain. I know all is in God's hands and when the time is right he will bless us with another child. We will remain hopefull until then...


no... not another baby yet. A new Brother embroidery machine! My only one had been giving me trouble and really couldn't do what I wanted so instead of having it repaired I got one like I really wanted. I have had a lot of fun playing with it and i have only had it a couple of weeks! I am obssesed with sewing and crafts! I LOVE to make things. It would be even better if I could get some time together to set up a nice facebook page to sell some of the stuff I make... Here are some of the things I have made lately:

TeePee tent that folds up quick and easy and fits in a corner or closet!

Bows and the Outfit

Thanksgiving... delayed...

We had Brendan's family over for a very nice Thanksgiving lunch at our house this year. Everything was very good and Lilly enjoyed seeing her cousin. After we ate Lilly took a nap on the couch while Brendan's parents helped me set up the trees. when she woke up she was very hot so I took her temperature and of course she has a fever! This was the first time she has been sick and she was absolutely miserable! I took her to the Dr. Monday morning and she was tested for STREP, but it came back negative, but positive for a viral throat infection. We just had to wait it out, but by the next morning she was feeling much better. I was glad because we were both dying to get out of the house.

One positive about being stuck at the house was getting all the Christmas decorations up over Thanksgiving weekend. I did go out for some black Friday/ Thursday night shopping with my neighbor. We had lots of fun together and got some GREAT deals! Including a power wheels type car with the 12v battery that looks like a BMW for only $99 for Lilly's birthday! We went out about 9:30pm Thanksgiving night and did not get home until almost 5am! (Belk did not open until 3am and that was our last stop.) We had so much fun that we plan to do it again next year!

Lilly helping set her table... of course she got dressed before anyone came over.