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Sunday, July 31, 2011

La La Luna Girls

So this is what I have been busy with:

La La Luna Girls

Check out our shop! Let me know if there is anything you would like in a different size or if you would like a custom order. We can do different colors or styles. Let us create something for you! Here are a few of my favorites:

1)Nusing Cover: This makes a great gift for the Mother-to-be!

2)Tailgating wine glass/goblet: Perfect for tailgating or entertaining!

3)USC Outfit w/ Bow: We can do this for any team! Just let me know which team you prefer and we can custom make on for you!

Good Bye July!

Whew! It seems like July has flown by! I haven't updated in a while because my neighbor and I have been busy getting things up and running for our business, but I will cover that in another post! Lilly is really growing up fast! I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel of potty training! The past several days she has done really well. She may have 1 accident and she has been staying dry most nights, too. (She is still in pull ups at night). We went to Mississippi to visit Brendan's parents 2 weeks ago for a week. I was worried how much damage that did with the potty training because she was in Pull ups every day and had plenty of accidents, but I can't say I was really focused on making sure we took her to the potty a lot because we were doing things all day every day. I was pleasantly suprised when by the middle of this week she was doing better than before going to Mississippi. Thank goodness! I'm sure in a week or two (maybe this week) I can say she is completely potty trained during the day.

I celebrated my 26th Birthday July 13th. Birthday are no fun anymore! I would be more than happy to stay the same age from here on out. I dread getting old. Brendan did get me an iPad for my birthday! It is wonderful. That is actually the reason that I haven't blogged lately. This sounds really lazy, but it's so easy to get on quickly that I dread waiting for the laptop to boot up. If I can find an app for the iPad so I can blog and upload pictures from it I will definately blog more often. If anyone knows of one please share with me!

We all had a wonderful time in Mississippi visiting Brendan's parents and eating a lots of nice restaurants. Brendan, his dad, and I went to the Hollywood Casino for about a half-hour while Lilly napped. I just played the penny slots... I played with $1 and left with $4.21! Too bad I'm not a big risk taker. Imagine if I had been playing with $100.. haha.

My sister is due to have her baby girl, Tinsley any time now. Her due date was actually July 29th (this past Friday). If she doesn't go into labor before, she will be induced This Friday, August 5th.

Some pictures from Mississippi: (NO! She did not ride on the motorcycle!)

Friday, July 8, 2011

*La La Luna Girls*

This is why I haven't been posting lately... My friend/neighbor and I have been starting up a little business together. We are up on Etsy now, but haven't had our first sale yet. We have 2 people we know wanting to buy so we are going to sell through them on Etsy so we can get some feedback. Today we are making some of our other ideas that we haven't had time to make yet. Tomorrow we will be visiting a local boutique or two if we can get the appointments set to see if we can sell a few items locally. Here is a link to our Etsy shop: La La Luna Girls Check it out to see our new products. We can also do custom items.

Lilly was big hit in the Gamecock tutu at the Gamecock parade last Friday after the big Championship win. You would have thought she was a little celebrity the way the cameras were flashing and the number of people asking to take her picture! I think the "Columbia Metropolitan Magazine" was the only publication to take it though, so we will be checking out their next issue!

Some of my personal favorites that we will be working on today is a wine glass and a gamecock shirt and tutu skirt set. I won't give too much detail on it until we have a few finished today. I will post a picture later of both. So, check back to see them!

Here is a link to our Facebook page. If you like our products feel free to "like" us on Facebook!

My goal is to post a Lilly update later today or tomorrow.