The Holman Household

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Recent Projects...

With Brendan in Seattle for the week I have finished 2 dresses. One for Lilly and one for myself. This is the first time I have ever put in a zipper and both dresses required one. By the second one I had the hang of it and it turned out pretty good. Here are the 2 dresses: This is Lilly's dress:
Here is my dress:
I can actually still fit into it now, so I may need to take it in this fall (hopefully!). I thought it would be the perfect dress right after Evelyn is born. I also finished Lilly's waldorf style doll and made her a night gown and dress. I just need to make her a diaper or 2 and crochet her some shoes.
And last, but not least... I made Lilly a backpack that will hopefully last her until preschool this fall. She may wear it out before then because she wants to wear it everywhere. She wanted a mermaid bookbag. So I thought, perfect I can use the same applique design I used in her bathroom. Then she said she wanted one like Ariel... At the fabric store she saw some fleece material with Ariel on it and insisted she wanted Ariel fabric. So here was my compromise... I used a cotton Ariel fabric on the inside and did the outside with cute colors and the mermaid applique and of course her name. She is so excited about it and shows everyone that "Ariel is inside!". I don't have a picture of the inside, but here is the bookbag: