The Holman Household

Friday, June 14, 2013

Ready for Summer

I am now very busy that Evelyn gets around well. May 20th she started crawling up on her knees, then while we were at the beach for Memorial Day she started pulling up that Sunday. Now she pulls up everywhere and gets into EVERYTHING! She doesn't think anything about crawing into the next room by herself. She has also learned which cabinets in the family room have toys and she helps herself. She likes Lilly's toys better than hers, so we have to be carefull with anything small or paper. (I did find where she managed to eat a small sticker once.) While at the beach she tried avacado again she ate a good bit of it. In the middle of the night she woke up and threw up everywhere. I was worried she had some sort of stomach bug, but she had no fever and as soon as she got all the avacado out she was fine. I of course looked it up online and apparently it is common to have and intolerance to avacado and bananas. I was nervous to let her try bananas again, but she did this week and sure enough. She threw them back up. She had her 9 month check up today and her Dr. said to just try them again in a couple of months. She weighed in at 17 lbs. 5 ozs (29%), was 27.25 in. long (46%), and her head was 43cm (29%) No shots today, but she did have to get a toe prick. She did not even cry! She had to have it pricked twice to get enough blood. She just barely flinched the second time. Lilly was more upset about it.

My whole family was at the beach for Memorial Day weekend. Lilly enjoyed playing with her cousins, especially on the beach and in the pool. She looked so grown up running down the beach. Evelyn was most interested in eating the sand, but she enjoyed the water, too. Brendan was on vacation for the whole week so we stayed until Wednesday. Tuesday we took a quick trip to Savannah and had a late lunch at Paula Deen's restaurant, The Lady and Sons. We got the buffet so we could try different things and everything we had was delicious! Lilly really liked the baked chicken and the mac n cheese (which was fabulous!) We spent the rest of the week enjoying the pool in our neighborhood and out on the lake in the boat. We are loving the warm weather to enjoy the water. I just hope I can keep Lilly busy enough so she doesn't get board and end up driving me crazy. Today we went to the riverwalk and I took them on a run before Evelyn's appointment, then as promised we had a picnic at the zoo picnic area, then into the zoo. She got to ride the ponies and everything. I ended up having to carry her (while pushing Evelyn in the stroller) all the way back to the car. Needless to say she is now napping. I guess I did a good job keeping her busy! Brendan is thinking about taking her camping tonight.

Lilly and I also talked about Father's Day coming up and she has decided we need to make "Doughnuts for Dad" since that is what they had at preschool. I was hoping for something a little more simple, like pancakes, but it was her choice. I just hope they turn out well.

I have decided to start training for the Savannah rock n roll marathon in November. I have to run with the jogging stroller during the week so that is a challenge, but I am up to 3 miles pushing them and 4 miles (although I could do more) by myself. I am going to wait a few weeks to sign up just to make sure training is going well.