The Holman Household

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Finally moved!

Everything went well and we closed on our new house this past Thursday. I haven't gotten the camera out yet to take pics, but I will soon. We used Minute Man Movers in Irmo to help move most of the stuff, but they took 6 hours instead of the quoted 4-5 and didn't get as much as I hoped. I would probably use another company next time because at $78 per hour I thought they should have been moving a little more quickly. Did I mention that an hour of the time was spent driving from our old house to the new one? Brendan left 30 minutes after them and got there within minutes of them. They also finished up 15 minutes early and still charged for the full hour. Other than that everything has been fine. We have moved most everything over now and I have the downstairs and Lilly's room completely unpacked. I should have everything else done by the end of the weekend! Now, what to do with all these empty boxes?!?!

Lilly has transitioned well into the new house. She loves her new and much bigger room so she has plenty of room to play. She didn't sleep as well the first few days/nights, but seems to be pretty much back on track now. Another big accomplishment: She is FINALLY weaned! She hasn't nursed in over 72 hours now! She wasn't happy about it at first, but now she may ask and when I tell her all gone she sort of gives up and takes her cup of milk instead. I am glad this is done and it wasn't near as bad as I might have expected. She says so many more words now and picks up on everything very quickly. We were hoping she wouldn't figure out how to open the cabinets in the new kitchen since they don't have handles or knobs, but she walked right over and opened them right up. Oh well...

We love our new house and the area! We were also very blessed to get a very good offer on our old house Sunday night, that we of course accepted Monday! It is set to cose at least by the end of May (of course as long as everything goes okay). That will take a lot of pressure off of us and our budget won't be as tight. This just shows that God has his own timing for everything! I will post some pictures after I finish getting everything organized.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Hot Dogs!

This weekend Brendan cooked some hot dogs on the grill. I peeled the outside off and broke some into little pieces for Lilly. I guess she really liked them because this morning I asked her what she wanted for breakfast... Oatmeal or Strawberries... She thought about it for a minute and I asked her again. She then said "hot dog!" I didn't know that she knew the word, but she apparently liked them enough to learn what they were. So... this morning she had hot dog and strawberries for breakfast! She is too funny sometimes!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I am long overdue for a post, but I have just been so busy with getting ready to move and keeping up with Lilly. First, I will start with a Lilly update...

Lilly now says just about anything you say and it only takes her a couple of times to learn what the meaning is. She is very active. Her favorite game is paying chase she likes to run and have you chase her while she screems in delight. She really likes to do this when we go to My Gym. She can climb in/onto this platform that is surrouded by bars and thinks it's funny watching me run from side to side to make sure she doesn't climb out. She loves to slide. She loves animals and isn't afraid of anything! We took her fishing at the pond and Brendan helped her catch a small fish. She immediately grabbed a hold of it and didn't want to put it back. She gave the fish a kiss and got really upset when Brendan let the fish go. She makes a funny "turtle face" everytime we ask her about a turtle. When we ask her if she likes Clemson she shakes her head and says "NOOO!" usually followed by a "Go Cocks!" She likes to say this phrase alot! :) She had her 15 month check up March 7th (she won't by 15 months until the 28th.) I'm not sure why they scheduled so early. She weighed 19lbs, 14 ozs (16%) and 31.25 in. tall (57%). I asked about her weight, but the Dr. assured me it was great. It is probably on the lower end because she has been walking/running around for a while and that causes a dip in weight. She also said that Lilly is talking on the level that they expect out of a 2 year old. Which also explains her temper tantrums. She gets very mad when she doesn't get something she wants or when you take something away from her that she shouldn't have. Now, in the grocery store when she wants out of the cart she says "Out!" and says it over an over until she comes out. Thankfully she usually doesn't do this until we are in the checkout line and I can just try to leave her in until we are done. She is still nursing and is reluctant to give it up. Her Dr. says to wait until we move and try to do it cold turkey because she may be distracted by her new surroundings. I'm not convinced this will work, but I am willing to give it a try.

Our closing date is set for next Thursday, March 24th. We did our pre-walk though Monday to point out anything we want fixed/redone. It was mostly just painting so they should definately be done it time. I just hope the bank has everything together. Bank of America seems really slack and we heard from a neighbor that they held up their closing because they didn't have everything ready. I have tried to stay on top of them so this doesn't happen, but all we can do is wait and see. I have been boxing things up lately, but I have a long ways to go still. Today I am going to see how much I can get done with Lilly's help and our goal is to have everything done this weekend except for things that we have to wait on. I just hope everything goes smoothly and we can get everything moved in by the end of next weekend so I can get things organized soon. I will try not to wait so long before my next post.
I will upload pictures later.