The Holman Household

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Evelyn Grace is here!

Evelyn Grace was born September 14th at 4:43pm. She weighed in at 6lbs 0.4ozs. and 18.5 in. long and her head was 33cm. She was 6 days early and weighed almost a half pound less than Lilly, but was the same length and had the same size head. She is absolutely beautiful and looks a lot like her sister as a baby, but still has her own look. Labor was pretty uneventful, but here is the story: I had my 39 week appointment Wednesday morning (Sept. 12th) and I was almost 3 cm dilated and the Dr. did a membrane sweep to try and get things started. I had been having contractions on and off for a while, but nothing consistent. That night The started more regular, but not painful or really consistant yet. Lilly stayed with my parents that night just in case we had to head to the hospital in the middle of the night. By the next morning I was having contractions 8-10 min. apart all day, but they were not causing any pain so I knew all I could do was wait. I walked and walked and walked..., but no change. by that night they were 5 minutes apart, but still not anything I would consider painful so I was hesitant to even call the Dr. My Mom was about to drive me crazy because she thought I should call the Doctor ASAP and Brendan wanted to know so he could plan if he was going to work or not the next day... So I finally called and the Doctor on call told me to go ahead and come in to get checked. So we got everything together and dropped Lilly off at my parents house. By the time we got to the hospital it was around 11:30pm. With Lilly my water broke so contractions were immediately painful and it there was no doubt I was in labor, so this time I just wasn't convinced. I was checked and was at a full 3cm and they put me on the monitor. Contractions were still about 5 mins apart and stayed that way all night. I was able to sleep through them fine. The plan was to break my water when the Doctor came in because that should cause the contractions to pick up. At 8am I was checked and was between 3 and 4 cm so progress was very slow... She went ahead a broke my water and contractions were much stronger then. About 2.5 hours later I gave the go ahead for the epidural and finally about 2:30 or 3pm they started a little pitocin to get the contractions to pick up more. The monitors weren't picking them up very well because I could tell it was about time to push and the nurse just told me the Doctor would be in soon to check and she guessed I would be at 7-8cm then. A little after 4pm I told Brendan he needed to peek in the hall and see if he saw the Doctor because I could feel fluid gushing out and I guess that meant she was moving down because the Doctor came in to check again about 4:30 and sure enough it was time to push! After only about 10 minutes of pushing our second little Princess was born. She cried right away and was put on my chest immediately. She was covered with the white coating, but not very bloody. We immediately fell in love with here. Brendan cut the cord and she was doing very well. She had done very well nursing and so far seems to be a really good baby. (I know that can change!) She sleeps better than Lilly did at night so most nights I only have to get up with her 2-3 times. She has been a little congested (a cold?) so I have to suction her nose sometimes at night. This has been much easier than a baby that couldn't be put down for more that 5 minutes at night. Lilly was very excited to meet her sister and loves her to death. She does have her jealous moments where she acts out more, but it's only towards me and never Evelyn so I guess that is a plus. It seems to be worse if someone comes over without a child for her to play with. She does fall out crying if she doesn't get her way immediately because she knows I don't have time to deal with it, but I try not to give in to her. I think she will get better over time.