The Holman Household

Friday, February 4, 2011

Hello February!

It's been a while since I've had time to update the blog. We have been so busy! The house we are having built is coming along very quickly and should be ready by the end of March. Our current house hasn't sold yet, but we are still hoping it will before the new house is ready. If not we will hopefully get it sold soon after or maybe eventually rent it out. We are very excited about moving!
Lilly is growing up more and more every day. She says all kinds of new words. She loves "cheeeese!" and always goes to the refrigerator and asks for it. She is doing a little better with drinking her milk, but still demands to nurse at times. I have tried to tell her "all gone" because that is a phrase she knows and says a lot. She will say it back in a question and gets confused because she knows it isn't. If anyone has any tips or suggestions they would be much appreciated! She hasn't drank out of a bottle in a few weeks now! I have actually packed them all up except for one in case of and emergency. She loves her "cup". Especially ones with a straw. Lilly loves to go potty on the potty. It's nice because we don't have to use as many diapers everyday. If I take her she immediately goes if she needs to. Sometimes she will go to the bathroom and say potty now. She doesn't always have to go when she does this, but most of the time she goes "pee pee". I'm sure she is a long way from being potty trained, but I'm glad she has taken an interest in it on her own. Her hair has also been growing like crazy in the past month. Maybe we will be able to actually get a pony tail soon! Lilly now makes running errands very difficult. She won't sit in the buggy for more than about 3 minutes. She won't let me hold her in my arms or hold her hand if I take her out. I certainly can't let her run free because she will run everywhere and get into everything. I was supposed to go grocery shopping today, but I decided that I would have to wait until Brendan can watch Lilly or we can go together. I hope this is just a phase and she will get better again while in stores.
Tomorrow, Lilly is going to be a flower girl! She loves flowers and tries to sniff them (real or fake). My sister is getting married tomorrow in a very small ceremony at the Jasmine House in Irmo. I will update on how she does and post some pictures.
Here are some pictures of the new house and of Lilly: