The Holman Household

Friday, October 22, 2010

Two Steps

Lilly took her first 2 steps tonight! I was sitting on the couch and she was standin in front of me. Our cat jumped up on the ottoman and Lilly wanted to get to her so she took 2 steps all by herself and then grabbed on to the ottman. I think she was very proud of herself. I am giving her a week before she will be walking more regularly. Usually once she figures something out it doesn't take her long to get her confidence up.

Speaking of getting on the move... We are moving! (Well, hopefully... soon!) Our house was put on the market this week. Our House We found a neighborhood that we really like that should be a good neighborhood for Lilly to grow up in. So we picked a lot and floorplan that we liked this week. The will start building while our house is on the market. The house should be ready sometime around March or April 2011. Hopefully our house will be sold by then, because if not they can sell the house to someone else and refund our money. We went this morning to pick colors, upgrades, ect... I hope this will be a smooth process and we will be in our new home next Spring! The neighborhood is The Preserve at Rolling Creek and we are going with the Chapin Elevation C floorplan. I am really looking foward to the extra closet space and I know Lilly will enjoy having a walk in closet for herself when she is older. I will try to update more often. We have just been so busy getting our house ready to sell.

Boo at the Zoo

Last Friday night we took Lilly to Riverbanks Zoo for their Boo at the Zoo. She was a pink butterfly. She liked seeing all of the other children and getting attention from the adults. They had a cute "corn maze" made out of dividers with cute decorations. I think next year she will really have fun.

I also forgot to mention a few new things for her in my last post. She holds just about anything to her ear, especially a phone, and pretends that she is talking on the phone. Everytime she hears a cell phone ringing she crawls to it and if given the chance she will pick it up. I guess she really pays attention to absolutely everything. Also, whenever I tell her "night-night" she will repeat "nigh-nigh" and lay down on the floor. Too bad she pops right back up and won't do this in her crib, but it is very cute! She will usually only do it when she is tired. Here are some pictures from Boo at the Zoo:

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Fall Festivities

Saturday I took Lilly to the Oktoberfest in Newberry where my Grandparents live. She got to pet the bunnies and see a pig and a few other animals. She also got to dance to the polka music they were playing. My cousin was there with his little boy. So Lilly got to see her cousin Max who is almost 4. We took Lilly to Harmon's farm Monday for a hayride. She really enjoyed herself and loved picking up pieces of hay and playing with the pumpkins. They also had a petting zoo and she got to see the animals. Friday one of my best friends from college came into town for the USC vs. Alabama game. It was so good to see her and she got to meet Lilly. I hope I will get to spend some time with her again soon. Yesterday, Lilly went to a 1 year birthday party for my friend April's little boy Nicholas. It was a sock monkey theme and she had everything decorated so cute. Lilly had a good time seeing everyone and watching Nicholas open his presents. She was worn out by the end. Next, we went to Lilly's cousin, Cason's house to watch the Carolina game. We enjoyed some good Barbeque and watched the gamecocks defeat the #1 Alabama! GO GAMECOCKS! This morning Lilly started her new Sunday School class since she was moved up. She did very well and didn't cry! We will probably be taking it easy the rest of the day after a very busy week. Here are some pictures from Harmon's...

9 Month Appointment

Lilly had her 9 month appointment September 30th. She weighed in at 18lbs., 2 ozs. (43%) and was 28.5 in. (84%), and her head was 44 cm (57%). She got one shot and a toe prick to check her hemoglobin. She didn't mind the toe prick at all and didn't cry too bad with the shot. Her iron levels were on the lower end of the normal range so her Dr. recommended a multivitamin with iron. That didn't suprise me because she still won't eat a lot of solids to get her iron. She does well to eat a half jar of baby food mixed with some rice cereal or baby oatmeal. Her Dr. was impressed with how well she is doing especially with her words. She knows cat, ball, puff (for her Gerber Puffs that she loves to eat), book, and bye-bye (usually while waving). She says Mama and Dada, but doesn't say it to call us. Since she already knows the 3 words they like by 1 year, she is supposed to work on 6 words by 1 year and walking. She does well standing alone now for about a minute before she slowly squats back down. She also walks all around the play pen and furniture while holding on with 1 or 2 hands. So I will probably be chasing her around even more very soon. She was cleared to start eating a lot more foods except for eggs, shellfish, peanuts, and round things she could easily choke on. I made shrimp and grits for dinner the night after her appointment so I let her try some plain grits. She wasn't too sure about the texture, but prefered to pick them up with her fingers to feed them to herself. She mostly just made a big mess for me to clean up, but I think she had fun. Poor thing didn't even get any cheese in her grits though so maybe she will like them better then.

Lilly feeding herself Bananas:

Lilly destroying her room:

Lilly trying grits for the first time: