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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Easter through April

This year we had a wonderful Easter. The Easter the easter bunny was good to the girls. We then went to church to celebrate our risen Savior. Evelyn had a runny nose so she went into the worship service with us. She was really good until she wanted to play so I had to walk off to the side (we were already in the balcony) and she was good for the remainder of the service. Afterwards we had Easter lunch at my parents with my sister's family.

the cousins

with my parents

our family

Evelyn went to her first Carolina baseball game

April 8th we celebrated Brendan's 32nd Birthday. Lilly helped me make him a homemade chocolate cake with chocolate cream cheese icing. "We"(Lilly and I) have been cooking a lot more because I have been trying to cut out processed food and avoid GMOs when possible. We took the girls to Disney on Ice, "Dare to Dream" Evelyn slept through most of it, but Lilly loved it. She says when she grows up she is going to be a princess and skate at Disney on Ice. Evelyn was 7 months old on the 14th

Evelyn at 7 months

About 2 weeks ago she slept through the night for the FIRST time! It was 8 hours, but she has only slept 7 hours at the most since. She has also started rolling around to get where she wants. She will prop herself up on her arms to turn, then rolls. She does a little scooting, but not much. This is new for us because Lilly just took off crawling without rolling around too much. She is such a little sweet heart. She has been trying new foods. So far she loves her baby oatmeal, peas, pears, apples, and tolerates carrots. She does not like sweet potatoes, bananas (except when I made frozen banana "ice cream", and avocados.

Lilly has still been enjoying dance and is looking forward to her recital on Mother's day. She is really good at being my helper when she wants to be, but other times she likes to try my patience. She loves to write her name on EVERYTHING now. She has gotten really good at her first name. She can write her last name (or most anything else) beneath where it is already written. She sang at her preschool church a few weeks ago and did a great job. She wasn't a bit shy and was really looking forward to going up in front of everyone. I hope she will do just as well at her dance recital.

We took a trip to the beach, but the weather was a little cool. We did enjoy the Soft Shell Crab Festival in Port Royal. Lilly also got to pick strawberries for the first time on St. Helena Island. Then We picked more at a farm in Prosperity, SC with my Mom and Grandparents. We picked about 11 lbs worth! I froze most of them. We are still enjoying some of them fresh and I made strawberry preserves for the first time. I made my Mom some strawberry cupcakes with strawberry buttercream icing for her Birthday. We had her and my sister's family over to our house to celebrate since my Dad had already agreed to take a group out fishing for the weekend. We have had a very busy month and are looking forward to Summer!
Here are 2 last pictures of the girls enjoying outside:

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